Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What Happened to Your Face?

I enjoy having facial hair. And i think that only recently am i finally coming to understand exactly why. It is a fact well understood (coming from such credible sources as Hitch) that 90% of communication is non-verbal
Now, nobody likes to have lulls in the conversation, so who wants lulls in the nonverbal landscape? Facial hair helps create variety and excitement; so it seems perfectly reasonable to me to exhibit some pleasant decor on one's face so as not to allow the nonverbal discussion to hit a snag! Now, i suppose the debate rages on over whether or not facial hair (and more especially the creepy, half-filled-in kind as demonstrated here by this poor fellow) actually qualifies as "pleasant decor." So, i figure until that debate is resolved i shall continue to use my 'enhanced' nonverbals to say the following to the detractors....

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~Orchideh~ said...

This kills me! I just read all of your entries! They are funny, quite funny in fact and your facial hair is a good thing I agree!