Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Finding Nemo is still the most successful of all of the Pixar movies, and many consider it to also be the best. Of course this is a little like saying that B-cells are the best part of the immune system, when all parts of them are equally awesome (so, the best part of this is that i actually wrote that before i realized what a nerd it made me sound like...) At any rate though, this again proved that Pixar could improve themselves with every movie instead of just chasing former glory.
This story follows an extremely protective father who must scour the ocean to find his lost son. Through his quest the father learns that while worrying constantly about his sons life, he had forgotten to let him live. Easily the most emotionally charged of the movies to date, Nemo showed viewers that animation was not a genre, but rather a medium through which any kind of story could be told. With the drama reaching heights unheard of in previous animation, the comedy had to keep up as well, and boy did it! Ellens' Dory is easily the most lovable and humorous character (possibly in any movie) and the supporting cast does wonders yet again (two notable highlights being the ever-young surfer turtle Crush, and the Shark recovery group).
Add to that some of the most beautiful animation ever put to film (it wasn't photorealistic, it was better), clever writing, and a moving score, and you get a truly remarkable experience that rises far above any of its component parts.

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