Wednesday, August 20, 2008

So, it occurred to me the other day that it had been some time since i had last perused the perfect pantheon of Pixar pictures (and obviously a long time since i had used shameless alliteration in a blog post). These are in my opinion the most well-made set of movies in existence. Now that may seem naive considering all of the amazing movies out there, but in my opinion no other collection of movies even comes close to Pixars' in regards to: cleanliness, humor, heart, visuals, characterizations, and creativity. So, i decided that since i was planning on watching them again anyway, i might as well make the whole experience a little more productive and include my humble bloggers in the blessed experience (i.e.- if your reading this, your probably the only one). So i decided that i am going to watch one Pixar movie a day for the next 8 days, and then write a review describing the event! Should be fun, right? RIGHT?! :)

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Orchid said...

That sounds awesome... I would ask what the first one was going to be but it looks like I see it was Toy STory huh.... guess I should probably read that!