Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What are You Doing? Pouncing

I found this picture and decided that it pretty much sums up...well, everything. Admittedly this is how i often feel in life. I am meant to be the aggressor, the alpha male, the hunter!  Dating provides a good example. Now like any cat, i have labored at times under the false impression that the world has been laid out for my enjoyment. So at my leisure, i would choose to pounce on my "unsuspecting prey" feeling that they would quickly surrender to my glory and might! Come to find out though, that my claws don't even puncture their skin, and that they instead only force me to hang on for dear life as the "prey" carries me about helplessly. Admittedly, not the lesson in leadership that Mufasa had intended. Now, forgive me if i have run away with the metaphor here; in truth, i think its just a really funny picture.

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