Wednesday, August 20, 2008


The year was 1995, and the movie was Toy Story. I was merely a tender lad of 12 at that time, but even i could tell that something important was happening. I was obsessed with this movie then, spending every cent i had on anything i could get my hands on (which at the time wasn't actually very much...stuff, as well as my budget). I listened to the soundtrack on cassette until it started to wear and the little tape thing actually broke (Boy, those were the dark ages)! This was the world's first computer animated film. But what is even more important, is that instead of using that fact alone to trump up publicity, Pixar created what many still consider to be the greatest CG animated film ever!! 
Now, i'll admit that i do consider others to be better per se, but the beauty and intelligence of this original Toy Story cannot be overstated. 
As tensions in the story rise, one of this films crowning achievements begins to surface; its superb characterizations!! Woody is selfish and jealous of Buzz taking the attention away from him, but who isn't!? Potato Head is quick to accuse Woody and slow to forgive him, who isn't? These characters are flawed and have personal insecurities! They are real!
Mix that with genuinely funny moments (which come from the actual situations, as opposed to relying on pop culture reference with tongue firmly in cheek as so many animated movies tend to), witty dialogue ("The word I'm searching for, i can't say."), and beautiful animation and you end up with this pioneering masterpiece in every sense of the word. 


Orchid said...

YOU are hilarious! I don't know if anyone can take the movie TOY STORY and make it sound so intellectual! Who knew that behind that sweet little kid movie there is a whole dialogue for adults too!

~Orchideh~ said...

oh and... HA HA ( I had to leave a laugh)