Sunday, August 31, 2008


It's hard to express in words just how much i love this movie. When i saw it in theaters (with a bunch of kids, which i have found to be the best way to experience these films) i had this huge grin on my face the entire time that i could not manage to get rid of. I totally bought into this world, and was transported into the story in a way that i hadn't been in movies in a long time. Thats the first thing that really struck me about this movie is what a beautifully crafted story it had. What's even more amazing is that Brad Bird (the director extraordinaire) managed to put it all together in only a year and a half, which is half the time it normally takes!!
I remember during one of the scenes where Remy and Linguini are cooking their first actual meal and they change the recipe halfway through the process, while the rest of the kitchen is trying to stop them. I recall being on the edge of my seat during the whole scene, and then at the end kind of realizing that i was having that reaction over someone preparing a dinner! The whole plot is that way, keeping you rooted to the 'action.' 
The animation is gorgeous, the physical comedy is really kicked up a notch (a rat controlling a human using his hair...far fetched sure, but visually genius), and the score is the best out of all the films. (This movie happens to be my favorite out of all the Pixar movies; it was a tough choice, but it is just so good!)

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