Saturday, August 30, 2008


Unfortunately this is my least favorite of the Pixar lexicon. Now granted, that still means that it is still fairly high up on my list of favorite movies period, but when compared to the rest of this companies masterpieces...i just thought it was left wanting. However, since i have tried to give rational reasons for the adoration i have for the other films, i will attempt to come up with a real reason why i don't like this movie as much. At least one reason is that the plot seems to be driven more by happenstance as opposed to character or plot. Like when Lightning kicks the can into Doc's house which happens to crash into something, which allows Lightning to stumble upon the fact that Doc is a racecar legend. It would be a bit like Buzz tripping out of the window instead of being pushed by Woody.
So really though, i still find it to be an immensely entertaining film. One thing that i feel is a triumph is the mastery of tone. What i mean is that; the movie begins in the fast lane and the audience gets excited watching this race of the champions! We feel a lot like Lightning does, eager to see more flashing lights and revving engines. Then, he gets stranded in Radiator Springs where things slow down...a lot. It takes Lightning (and us) a while to get used to this new pace, but we gradually get accustomed to it and in fact become attached to it. So much so, that when the narrative heads back to the racetrack, it is jarring and just feels loud and empty until the townfolk join in. This is remarkable that the movie allows the viewer to feel all of these things along with the protagonist, and just goes to show again how masterfully Pixar is able to tell a story.

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